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Matthew And Kelly Stafford Dress Up As Characters From 'The Sandlot' [PHOTOS]

By: Evan Jankens

Two years ago Detroit Lions star QB Matthew Stafford dressed up as Jackie Moon from the hit movie "Semi-Pro."

This year, he and his wife Kelly decided to dress up as characters from another movie. Matthew and Kelly dressed up as Benny "The Jet" (Matthew) and "Squints" (Kelly) from the 1993 movie 'The Sandlot.'

If you don't remember "The Jet" was the kid that eventually went pro and "Squints" was just that.

Matthew and Kelly weren't the only ones who dressed up for Halloween.

Golden Tate and Elise Pollard went as Calvin Johnson and his partner Lindsay Arnold Cusick from the hit show "Dancing with the Stars."

Just like many of Calvin's performances, they pulled off the costumes seamlessly.

Another one of Stafford's wide receivers, Marvin Jones, dressed up for Halloween as well.

Out of the three, which couple had the best costumes?

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