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Matthew And Kelly Stafford Are Having Twins

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) — Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and longtime sweetheart Kelly Stafford are expecting their first child.

Make that "children."

Kelly made the surprise announcement on Instagram back in October with the help of her dogs. The caption reads "Yep, our family is expanding. #babystafford #madeindetroit."

Now, Kelly announced on Instagram that the couple will, in fact, be expecting two children because she's pregnant with twins. "Surprise... we are having two for the price of one. #identicalbabes #staffordtwins," the post reads.

The Staffords got married in early 2015. The two had quite the elaborate celebration, which obviously included several of Matthew's teammates.

Kelly has been known to speak her mind on Instagram, including sticking up for her man when the critics come calling.

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