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One Michigan State Police trooper punched, another hospitalized in separate Metro Detroit incidents

DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Two Michigan State Police troopers were injured in separate incidents in Metro Detroit, according to Michigan State Police

A trooper was on patrol and tried to stop a driver who ran a red light at 8 Mile and Wyoming Avenue in Royal Oak on Dec. 2.

The driver refused to stop and continued driving at a slow speed, police said.

The trooper called for backup as it appeared the suspect was trying to make it down a side street before pulling over. 

The suspect pulled into the driveway, and as the trooper approached the suspect to take her into custody, the suspect started to resist, police said. 

The trooper was able to use a takedown to get the woman to the ground but in the process fractured her left leg, according to police. 

The suspect then ran into the house. After more troopers arrived, a perimeter was set up as the suspect had barricaded herself inside the home, investigation shows. 

EMS was contacted and the trooper was taken to a local hospital. 

The other residents inside the home didn't cooperate with the troopers, police said. 

After an hour of negotiations with the suspect's husband, she came out and was taken into custody, investigators reported. 

A search warrant for the house was conducted and the suspect is being held at the Oakland County Jail pending prosecutor review. 

In a second incident, a suspect punched a trooper following reckless driving on Dec. 3, police said.  

The trooper was on patrol when he saw a Dodge Ram driving fast and recklessly on 7 Mile Road and M-39 in Detroit. 

The driver was hesitant to stop fully but eventually did so, police said.  

The trooper then opened the door to arrest the driver for reckless driving. 

The suspect started to resist and fight the trooper when he tried to handcuff him, according to authorities. 

During the struggle, the suspect punched the trooper, causing a laceration to the left side of his lip, police said. 

After taking the suspect to the ground, the trooper used a Taser to subdue the suspect, putting him in handcuffs, police said. 

The 33-year-old suspect from Detroit was not hurt during this incident, according to police. 

The trooper was taken to a local hospital where he received stitches. 

The suspect is being held at the Detroit Detention Center pending authorization of charges by the Wayne County Prosecutor.

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