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Police: Man Dies After Accidentally Stabbing Himself In The Groin With A Sword

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (CBS Local) - A Virginia man has died after a freak accident resulted in the man stabbing himself in the groin with a sword.

Newport News Police say they were called to a home around 4:40 p.m. EST on July 15 to help someone who had been accidentally stabbed. Officers discovered the 28-year-old man with a life-threatening stab wound when they arrived. By 5:25 p.m. the Newport News resident was pronounced dead by medics.

According to WTKR, the unidentified 28-year-old was walking down some stairs in his home with the sword in hand when he accidentally stabbed himself in the groin. Witnesses in the house at the time did not make it clear if the victim fell down the stairs or stabbed himself without tripping.

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