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Macomb County voters to decide on cell phone surcharge for 911

Macomb County voters to decide on surcharge for 911
Macomb County voters to decide on surcharge for 911 02:07

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Macomb County voters will decide whether they will continue to pay a cell phone surcharge that helps fund 911 service throughout the county. 

The Macomb County Board of Commissioners enacted the cell phone surcharge of 42 cents last year, but this week voted 9-3 to allow voters to decide themselves. 

"If it helps the service out in an adequate way, it will be ok," said Roderick Whiteside, who is in support of the 42-cent surcharge. 

"To help us with emergency services, 42 cents is not a big deal," said Sam Bazzy, a Macomb County business owner, also in support of the surcharge. 

Whiteside said, that although he doesn't mind the surcharge, he approves allowing voters to decide on Nov. 5. 

"I would like to vote on it and wouldn't like to be hit with the 42-cent surcharge, and if it's added in, I probably won't see it no ways," Whiteside said. 

The surcharge was added last year, and many Macomb County residents didn't see it. 

However, the Macomb County Board of Commissioners voted to put it on the ballot on Nov. 5. 

The 42-cent surcharge helps pay for 911 services across the county. 

However, Macomb County Commissioner Don VanSyckel said he would like the county to cover the cost in the future. 

Some residents did not support the surcharge, stating there should be enough funds to pay for it. 

Meanwhile, Whiteside and Bazzy said they would continue to support it. 

"I would definitely support that," Bazzy said.

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