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Lawsuit Calls For Detroit's Absentee Ballots To Be Thrown Out

DETROIT (WWJ) - A new lawsuit wants the absentee ballots in last week's Detroit election to be thrown out.

Election challenger Anita Belle of the the Voter Justice Committee filed the suit on Nov. 10, in the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan saying the ballots were not processed correctly, making them susceptible to election rigging.

Belle claims that Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey has shown a repeated pattern of more ballots than voter histories in previous elections and should be audited. The case seeks an emergency injunction halting the inclusion of Detroit's absentee ballots in the Wayne County Board of Canvasser's certified election results.

"Michigan law requires that the signature on the absentee ballot envelope be matched against the signature on the voter's registration and the signature on the absentee ballot application. I and other challengers witnessed hundreds of color copies of the absentee ballot envelopes being used for comparison against the signatures on the absentee ballot applications after, instead of before, the actual envelopes were taken to be counted.

"The number of voter histories should equal the number of ballots processed. When there are hundreds or thousands more ballots than there are voter histories, that is a red flag for ballot stuffing and election fraud. The Detroit City Clerk has shown a repeated pattern of more ballots than voter histories and should be audited and criminally investigated for rigging Detroit's elections via ballot stuffing." -- Belle Statement.

Winfrey won Detroit City Clerk re-election by less than 1500 votes. Her opponent, Garlin Gilchrist, has stated that he will request a recount of the ballots.

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