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Larry Foote Doesn't Think Jim Harbaugh Will Leave The NFL For The Michigan Job

By: Mike Stone

When the Lions meet the Arizona Cardinals Sunday they will not only be going against the team with the best record in the NFL, but they will be lining up against a two time Super Bowl Champion and one time Detroit Lion Larry Foote.

The former Pershing High Doughboy and Michigan Wolverine who has been starting in Arizona's 3-4 defense always comes to the table when it comes to voicing his opinion on a myriad of subjects. I spoke to him on Tuesday and here are a few of his gems.

On The Lions: "They are the real deal. We haven't faced a quality quarterback like that since Peyton Manning."

On Calvin Johnson's return: "I was hoping he would be out for a couple of more weeks. I think Cromartie and Peterson are going to fight to see who matches up with them."

Would he guarantee a Cardinal win: "No, but I can guarantee it will be a fourth quarter game."

On if he misses former Lions Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham: "I wish he was suiting up as an offensive guard on Sunday."

Is Teryl Austin the difference? "You think? Leagues Number one defense."

Will Michigan be able to get Jim Harbaugh to coach Michigan: "No, no you cant leave an NFL job college will always be there so I don't see that happening, but they better change up their recruiting and get back to the hood. They have too many trust fund babies."

On fixing Michigan: "We need NFL talent, we have to find us a quarterback quick, fast and in a hurry. I don't care who is coaching whether it's Harbaugh or Vince Lombardi. We ain't got no quarterback and without one we can't compete at this level."

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