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Joumana Kayrouz: There's More To The Woman On The Buses And Billboards Than Meets The Eye

DETROIT (WWJ) - Who is Joumana Kayrouz?

She's the personal injury attorney with the long blonde hair, whose face is bigger than life on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of buses and billboards around town.

If you've driven anywhere in the city of Detroit, you've seen her: The hair. The lips.

But is there more to Kayrouz than meets the eye?

Joumana Kayrouz bus
(credit: Roberta Jasina/WWJ)

She says, "I am the American dream. You're looking at it," ... and she means it.

Kayrouz came to this country 27 years ago from Lebanon with her husband. They had $1,000 in their pockets. Period.

She earned a degree from Yale University and then went on to graduate from Wayne State University Law School.

Kayrouz speaks several different languages and she now runs the second largest personal injury law firm in Michigan.

"I want to continue to break barriers, as a woman. I want to inspire other women," she said.

Kayrouz  is Catholic, and is deeply spiritual. "Being a lawyer is a calling. I want every person who meets me to see God on my face today. I want to do His work. I want to serve," she said.

Kayrouz  describes herself as a hardworking single mom, a dog lover, and a very ordinary person.

And what does she think about those bus pictures?

"I don't really like looking at myself on the buses and the billboards. I'm like, eeewww!"

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