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HUDA Free Health Clinic Opens New Office For Detroiters

DETROIT (WWJ) - Going to the doctor isn't always an affordable option -- but that's where an interfaith network of Metro Detroit medical professionals step in.

WWJ's Kathryn Larson has more on the free clinic that's grown so big, they bought their own building.

Walking up two flights of stairs inside the Davison Avenue Muslim Center, is a walk back in time to where it all began.

"Health care, I believe that it is kind of a right, at least some basic care. So I think this is what we are trying to do on a very small scale," said Dr. Jukaku Tayeb.

For nearly a decade, Dr. Tayeb has spent tireless hours treating patients in small upstairs office -- a saving grace for many Detroiters. Flash forward to now, where patients like Jerrica Mickens come to the spacious new HUDA Health Clinic.

"I like it. It's bigger and there's more space for the people, because there's a lot of people they help and sometimes it got a little cramped in the other one," said Mickens.

The woman in her 40's is uninsured and without HUDA, her condition could kill here, or cost you dearly.

"If I can't get in to see a doctor, usually the taxpayers are paying a lot more money because I don't have any when I'm in the E.R.," she said.

HUDA -- literally the Health Unit on Davison Avenue -- helps everyone from the working poor to various populations, from the Muslim community to immigrants from Bangladesh, and across the world.

Everyday the HUDA clinic sees between 20 to 40 patients, they have 16 doctors at any given time and lots of medical personnel who volunteer.

For more information on the health clinic, visit

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