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Herman Moore: Calvin Johnson Shouldn't Be A First-Ballot Hall Of Famer

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) -- Herman Moore held almost all of the Detroit Lions all-time receiving records for the better part of a decade.

His records for receptions, yards and touchdowns stood for years until Calvin Johnson came along and broke all of them. Despite that, Moore doesn't think that Johnson will get into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame on his first try.

"I don't think he'll get in and it's not so much right now whether it's deserving -- I think there's a time and place for everyone," Moore told Dan Leach live on 97.1 The Ticket. "I'm the type that believes -- because I'm one of those guys that 'you played well, you did well in your time' -- if it's all based on statistics and who's got more now then it's unfair."

Moore played all 11 seasons of his professional career with the Lions from 1991 to 2001. Johnson was drafted second overall by the Lions in 2007 and went on to be named First Team All-Pro three times.

"Guys that have been waiting and played their careers and done well and have even more accolades -- I think they go in first," Moore explained. "That's not a hit towards Calvin, I think he will have his turn. But for now I don't think he gets in on the first ballot and if he does, I think you're doing a disservice to a few of the other guys that I think are deserving given the careers that they've had."

Johnson, who retired at the end of last season, has the Lions records for career receptions (731), receiving yards (11,619) and receiving touchdowns (83). He also set the NFL record for most receiving yards in one season (1,964) in 2012, breaking Jerry Rice's record that stood for nearly 20 years.

Moore is working with the Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field this week to help give $10,000 scholarships to five veterans towards an automotive maintenance and repair certification as a part of Quick Lane's "Trading One Uniform For Another" program.

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