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Helio Castroneves Chooses Indy 500 Over Sex

By: Mike Stone

The 97th Indianapolis 500 takes place on Sunday. The tradition of Indy is unmatched by any other race. Helio Castroneves is considered one of the favorites to take the checkered flag. For Castroneves it would be his fourth title and he told "Stoney and Bill" that wining at Indy is always special, "The tradition and history makes it the most important race to win. It's something that every driver aspires to do."

Castroneves is probably the most popular Indy car racer thanks to his personality, which was displayed to the masses on "Dancing With The Stars". He said that "doing DWTS was much more difficulty and nerve racking than racing at Indy."

He was asked the tough question of whether he would give up sex with his longtime girlfriend Adriana Henao for a year to win Indy." What about sex with someone else? Actually I would have to give up sex for a year to win Indy one more time". Hopefully for the mother of his daughter he won't have to live up to that question.

You can hear the entire interview with Castroneves including his thoughts on the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle right here.

Helio Castroneves

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