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Gun Protest Rallies More Gun Rights Advocates

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - A gun protest outside a Southfield gun store had more gun rights advocates show up than protestors.

It was one of several such rallies that took place around the country Saturday;  all backed by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Outside Action Impact Gun Shop in Southfield only a few protestors showed up.

Donell Webb of Southfield addressed protestors saying - he's an Afghan vet.

"I shouldn't have to ride around with my piece in my hand - I got one hand on the steering wheel and I got one hand on my glock a veteran of the Afghan war, he says

Kay Hallen of Southfield is opposed to the proliferation of guns; "If guns become an expression of frustration - guns in themselves are not the problem to me, when they become an expression of frustration - then our kids deny themselves a future."

Rick Eckler is a gun rights activist.

"This is a legal gun store, and he's going after a legal gun store? How about going after the guys that have the illegal guns - the criminals, not the good guys," said Eckler.

Meantime a rally organizer, Reverend David Bullock of Rainbow Push Detroit disagrees.

"We are seeing violence go up, we are seeing CCW's go up. So that means there is armament going on in our society, and so on one side you've got legal gun owners on the other side you've got illegal gun owners and ultimately that's leads to potentially to confrontation," said Bullock. "Confrontation leads to violence."

The Southfield protest was one of many being held around the country by Rainbow Push. Bullock says they're praying for peace.

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