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Gun Buy Back Program Brings Competition From Another Buyer

DETROIT (WWJ) - At least 200 guns are off the streets of Detroit Saturday afternoon following a gun buy back program at a church on the city's west side.

There were two efforts underway at the New St. Paul Tabernacle Church.

Wayne County and Goodman Acker both offered $50 Meijer Gift Cards for each unloaded gun, while gun-advocates like Rick Ector offered more in cash.

Gun buy back (BFisher) 2
An alternative cash for guns program set up outside the church.

"I refer to them as LEFTs (Law Enforcement Firearms Transfers) they are misleading to the general public because they send a message that they are actually going to do something that's going to affect the crime rate," said Ector.

Ector says he'll be using the guns he bought.

He feels these buy back programs have zero impact.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon disagrees:

"What we do know is that the guns we get will never be used against anyone in a crime. That much we do know," Napoleon said.

He said the county destroys the guns it gets while Ector holds on to those he takes in.

Meanwhile, Sandy turned in her gun to the county program.

"I thought maybe just to get them off the streets," she said. "I don't want to sell them to somebody and then get them right back on the streets."

"We hear the myths all the time, if a child finds a gun I've trained the child well enough where they won't play with it - you know the guns are made or manufactured now that they can discharge very easily," added Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

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