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Golden Tate Might 'Scare The Crap Out Of Some Kids' For Halloween

By Will Burchfield

The streets will be lined with young trick-or-treaters tonight, and those in Golden Tate's neighborhood should be forewarned: Tate might be on the prowl.

The Detroit Lions wide receiver said he and his fiancé may forgo handing out candy in favor of something more spooky.

"Maybe we'll get a mask and scare the crap out of some kids," he smiled.

Tate figures to have some frustration to release after the Lions' loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters seem like the perfect target.

The Lions held their own Halloween party last Monday, when Tate dressed up as Calvin Johnson from the hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars." He was accompanied in costume by his fiancé, Elise Pollard, who dressed up as Johnson's dancing partner, Lindsay Arnold.

"Just thought it'd be cool. We reached out to Calvin a couple times to see if we could get the actual shirt that he wore the opening night, but he wasn't able to get a hold of it. So we ended up having one made at the fabric store. It was fun, and I thought it was really funny, because we were around the guys here," Tate said.

In his first season with the Lions, Tate dressed up as The Joker from "Batman." He said it remains his favorite costume to this day.

"The Joker was fun because I had contacts in and I had my face painted, so that was cool," he said.

Asked to name his favorite Halloween candy on Monday, Tate gave an answer befitting an NFL player.

"I like all the full-size stuff, I don't like the minis," he said. "But I like the Kit Kats. Kit Kats and Reese's Pieces are my go-to."

If he and Pollard do decide to hand out candy on Monday night, his preference for full-size treats may come into play.

"The best costume might get a full-size, I don't know, we'll see. I'll talk to my fiancé and see if she wants to do that," he said.

The alternative might leave more than a few kids in shock.

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