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Former Rep. Justin Amash announces Republican bid for U.S. Senate in Michigan

CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Feb. 29, 2024
CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Feb. 29, 2024 04:01

(CBS DETROIT) - Former Rep. Justin Amash announced Thursday that he will run for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Michigan. 

"After thoroughly evaluating all aspects of a potential campaign, I'm convinced that no candidate would be better positioned to win both the Republican primary and the general election," Amash said in a post on X. "That's why, today, I'm making it official: I'm joining the race for United States Senate in Michigan."

This comes after the Grand Rapids native announced last month in a social media post that he was considering joining Michigan's crowded GOP Senate field. 

He launched the "Justin Amash for Senate Exploratory Committee" as he considered entering and said," We need a principled, consistent constitutional conservative in the Senate—someone with a record of taking on the bipartisan oligarchy, defending sound money and free speech, fighting the surveillance state and military-industrial complex, and protecting all our rights. The stakes are high: freedom, social cooperation, and human progress itself."

In early January 2023, Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow announced that she would not be running for a fifth term, which surprised both parties, who will scramble for the competitive seat. 

Amash joins other former U.S. Reps, Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer, along with several other candidates.

The former representative served Michigan's 3rd congressional district, located on the west side of the state, from 2011 to 2021. Amash left the GOP and became an independent in July 2019. 

He received national attention when he became the first Republican lawmaker to call for the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. 

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