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Complaint Alleges Judge Had Sex In Chambers, Texted From The Bench

DETROIT (WWJ) - There's more trouble brewing for a local judge famous for his shirtless photo that went viral.

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has issued a formal complaint against Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade H. McCree for allegations that he had an affair with a woman whose ex-husband was involved in a child custody case pending in his courtroom.

A formal hearing will be set during which McCree will be able to contest the commission's findings.

McCree was suspended without pay in February. If he is found responsible, he could be permanently kicked off the bench.

Genine Le'Shay Mott, who reportedly came to McCree's courtroom seeking child support, became pregnant — she said with the judge's child.

According to the complaint, the pair had sex at various locations, including McCree's  judicial chambers.

Text messages documented in the report are sometimes explicit. In once message, sent to Mott on June of last year,  McCree states, "Oh yeah, I text from the bench. After last nite, its all I can do not 2 **** off 'under' the bench:-)."

- View a copy of the complaint - NOTE: This document is unedited and does contain some potentially offensive content -

Messages from McCree to Mott often included derogatory references to defendants, litigants or witnessed appearing before him.  In one message, McCree writes, "C'mon, U'r talking about the 'docket from hell', filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes … and then you walk in."

According to the complaint, McCree texted the woman from the bench, asking her to weigh in sentencing for the baby's father.

In one text, McCree writes: "OK, The math will be based on his failures since being placed on probation, but if U'r right, the threat of jail will loosen his purse strings!"

McCree was reprimanded back in October, 2012, for sending a semi-nude photo to court employees. He initially said he had "no shame" about his actions, but later apologized.

McCree is the son of the late Wade Hampton McCree, Jr., notable as the first African-American appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the second African-American Solicitor General in the history of the U.S.

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