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Food as Healing with Shane Bernardo

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (CW50) - Food as Healing may sound a bit strange, but the concept is an ongoing study and practice of using food (and the stories embedded within them) as a mediums for healing. 

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Food as Healing was conceptualized by Shane Bernardo, a prominent member of Metro Detroit's Filipino community. Bernardo believes that our Earth and spirit-based traditions, our creation stories, belief systems, and cosmologies are critical for maintaining our identities, sense of belonging, health and wholeness.

Bernardo grew up working in his family's grocery store on the west side of Detroit, Michigan. His family helped establish a foundation of South East Asian, West African and African Caribbean cultures within their family. Through these experiences during his upbringing, developed a heightened awareness of shared social, economic, political and historical conditions that his family had in common with others within a geographically, racially, ethnically and culturally stratified community. Having this helped Bernardo find his way onto his current path. 


His path has led him into roles within grassroots food justice movements, social and racial equity organizations, and other social action organizations.

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Bernardo is also the co-founder, along with Alessandra R. Carreon, of the Filipino Supper Club, which is a group that was formed after Bernardo and another friend began reminiscing about the meals they loved to eat as kids.  They help build spaces for gatherings culturally, socially, and politically. 

Food as Healing Founder Shane Bernardo, with Community Connect Host Lisa Germani Logan Tesmer/CBS Detroit

Shane Bernardo, Founder of Food as Healing, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss the connection food can have to grief. He also talks about the Filipino Supper Club.

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