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Farbman Group Brings Miniature Camera Technology To Real Estate

By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) - The Farbman Group is utilizing cutting-edge, mini-cameras to revolutionize real estate services.

With the click of a mouse, personnel at the Southfield-based company can access a Drop Cam located in one of its buildings to see streaming video from the camera.

Additionally, Farbman also utilizes Narrative Clip wearable cameras which collects photos and creates a video clip. This can be used by the company's current clients to show how space is utilized, and how it can be better situated.

"The commercial real estate industry has notoriously been slow to accept and integrate technology," said Andrew Gutman, president of Farbman Group. "We are really trying to make sure we are efficient, effective, and able to be that 24 hour customer service representative we should be to our client. Technology helps us to achieve those things."

By utilizing the new camera technology, Farbman is able to better utilize its more than 200 employees to manage its 25 million square feet of real estate in nine states throughout Midwest.

With the affordable technology, Farbman is able to provide "day in the life" videos  for marketing, recruiting and customer service purposes.

"Response time is everything these days," said Gutman, who no longer has luxury of taking weeks or months to respond. "Clients will call and say 'I need to be in a space."

Utilizing the new technology allows Farbman to quickly respond to requests for new space or the needs of existing clients.

By using a Drop Cam, clients can access cameras to see how traffic is moving outside of the Southfield Centre, or view the construction progress in The Atrium building in Naperville, ILL.

These cameras are also being used to give potential clients a view inside buildings; added security by notifying individuals if there is movement inside an office and the ability to have two-way conversations.

This is all done through the camera which uses wireless technology.

"From a security perspective, you can always see what is going on," Gutman stated.

In addition to using the new cameras, Gutman stated the addition of WiFi in buildings allows seating areas to become collaborative areas for employees and guess.

"We try to find different devices and ways we can make things better," Gutman said.

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