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Fans and medical experts react after record breaking sound at Ford Field

Dangers of loud crowd cheering
Dangers of loud crowd cheering 02:31

(CBS DETROIT) - For lifelong Detroit Lions fans – like Joe Chesney, the energy he's seen at the recent games is unmatched.

"It's just crazy loud out there. It's unbelievable it's hard to describe. It's just totally nuts there, which is good!" Chesney said. 

Medical experts tell CBS News Detroit that at a sound level of 133 decibels, your hearing will be "affected immediately." 

How serious? The loss will differ for each person.

For fans who attend multiple games a season, too much exposure could damage critical functions inside the ear.

Experts say anything over 110 decibels is cause for concern.

"When the sound level increases to 133 decibels, the motion in cochlear will be 500 times greater than what it's built for," Xiying Guan, Assistant professor of Audiology at Wayne State, said. 

Duration level of noise and frequency can all play a role in whether or not important neurons are damaged.

But there are ways to lower your chances of having lasting damage.

"It's good to always wear earplugs at those events….at the football games, concerts," Guan added.

It's been a big football season for Detroit. Chesney calls it the best season he's seen!

As the Lions take on their second playoff game, he hopes, the Buccs are ready to hear the Lions and their fan base roar.

"They are going to have a hard time hearing – and they'll think maybe Detroit has gone crazy now – because we've got a good team going," Chesney said.

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