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Experts say scammers may look to take advantage of visitors coming to Detroit for 2024 NFL draft

Expert warn to watch for scams during 2024 NFL draft in Detroit
Expert warn to watch for scams during 2024 NFL draft in Detroit 03:00

(CBS DETROIT) – Detroit will host the NFL draft in three weeks, and scammers are looking to take advantage of the excitement.

Experts are reminding those attending that entry into the event is free with registration, so don't get scammed by anyone selling "discount" tickets. There are VIP packages; however, Joel Schwartz, the owner of Big Time Worldwide Concert and Sport Club, said they will cost you. 

"The NFL had some tickets for sale upfront, but they were like $8,000 for just the first day. So, nobody that I knew wanted to buy them for that price," said Schwartz. 

There will also be private events around the draft. Melanie Duquesnel, the CEO and president of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan, said don't be fooled by someone selling tickets to attend any of those.

"If there are specific parties, you'll need an invitation. If you think you're going to crash, you're probably going to meet Detroit police," Duquesnel said. 

She said for those planning on staying in a hotel downtown, be prepared for prices averaging $1,300 a night.

"We were finding that there were a couple of people that had made reservations, not paid, but just made the reservation. Come to find out that the hotel changed the price on them. They are able to do that. If, however, you made a fully paid guaranteed reservation. The hotel cannot change the price for you."

She said if it was gas prices, these increases could be considered price gouging, but hotels are allowed to do this because there is limited demand. 

To save some cash, Schwartz said to consider staying outside of downtown.

"It's the Motor City. Go rent a car, go see the beautiful things around the city," he said. "Farmington Hills, in Sterling Heights, you know, in Troy. There are hotels through the whole area."

They also suggested parking away from downtown and then taking the QLine or a rideshare to the event. And reserve your spot ahead of time with a parking app. 

"Recognize if you have not pre-paid your parking, you're going to pay market rate, so beware," said Duquesnel.

Oftentimes during big events, people will rent out the parking spaces in front of their homes. Duquesnel said if you use an option like that, know that your car won't be protected from someone breaking in or from being hit by another car. She said residents also might not be allowed to rent out their parking space, so there is a chance you could be towed. 

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