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Eric Ebron Gets In Twitter Spat With Giants' Safety

By: Will Burchfield

The Lions-Giants game ended three days ago, but Eric Ebron and Landon Collins are still going at it.

Following Detroit's 24-10 win Monday night, Ebron, who led all receivers with five catches for 42 yards and a touchdown, explained why he didn't celebrate after his second-quarter score.

"I was pissed off. I was pissed off at that little punk of a safety they've got over there," Ebron told the Detroit News.

Collins had laid a hard hit on Ebron on a third-down play earlier in the quarter. Ebron apparently wasn't a fan of the way Collins reacted afterward.

Nor was Collins a fan of what Ebron had to say. He caught wind of the comments on Wednesday and responded via Twitter.

Ebron replied with a Tweet of his own, suggesting that Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu, who Ebron faced in Week 1, is better than Collins.

Collins called out Ebron for overreacting to a clean hit.

He later posted a video of the play, laughing off Ebron's insult.

Ebron caught his touchdown while being covered by safety Darian Thompson. Collins was covering Ameer Abdullah underneath.

On Wednesday afternoon Collins told the New York Post, "He got a touchdown. I guess he thought he scored on me, he did not. He didn't catch any balls on me or had any yards on me. I guess he didn't like the hit that I laid on him. It's a game of football, man. I'm not gonna play soft for nobody. If I see you, and I can hit you and square you up, that's what you're gonna get and that's what he has gotten."

Collins and Ebron came face-to-face and exchanged words after Ebron's touchdown.

"I just told him good hit," Ebron told the Detroit News. "He may have said some other things, but it's cool."

Ebron added that Collins "played a good game."

"That hit just pissed me off and I didn't feel like celebrating. I wasn't in that kind of joyful mood. It was still a good game. He played his butt off trying to guard me. I commend him for that."

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