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Element Electronics: America Matters

DETROIT -- Element Electronics Tuesday announced the grand opening and initial production of its new flat screen TV factory in Detroit.

With production scheduled to begin in March, Element Electronics will be the only TV company assembling TV's in the United States.

Element Electronics made the decision to manufacture products in America to shorten its supply chain and related lead times and to be more responsive to consumers.  Utilizing an American factory will allow Element to get the right products, at the right price, to the right place at the right time -- as well as reduce waste and increase the quality of the consumer's out-of-box experience.

"This was also an emotional decision for the company, maybe even a patriotic choice," said Element president Mike O'Shaughnessy. "Element Electronics is an American company. Personally, I grew up in a small, blue-collar Ohio town. Our business is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are rooted in the Midwest. We have watched for years as jobs have left America for other countries. We have wanted to and planned for producing TV's here, at home. Element Electronics wants to pioneer a resurgence of creating quality manufacturing jobs in the USA."

Element Electronics believes global economic trends will make American production more economically viable over time and the company is scheduled to continue increasing production over the next few years.  This will lead to increased job creation within Element Electronic factories and their suppliers.

"When we started the project we knew that we wanted to produce in the Midwest," O'Shaughnessy said. "Practically speaking, the Midwest held advantages in terms of a qualified labor pool and distribution efficiencies based on population across the U.S. We settled on Michigan as a result of the partnerships established in Michigan. With the help of partners Tongfang Global and Lotus, we were able to make our American dream come true."

In the short term, the plant will provide jobs for about 100 people, and the plan is to substantially grow job opportunities in their Michigan factory in the future.

Element Electronics is able to produce its larger screen size LCD and LED television in the United States for the essentially the same prices as units made in China (when comparing same sizes and features). The consumer will get a great quality, exceptionally featured television at an exceptional value, and it will come from a factory just outside Detroit, Michigan.

Also timed with the opening of the Michigan factory, Element Electronics has teamed up with JBL by Harman to launch a premium sounding flat screen TVs.  The unique Element/JBL branded flat screen TV's boast home theater quality sound by combining advanced proprietary technologies, cutting-edge components, and years of industry expertise.

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