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Drop What You're Doing And Go See "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

HOLLYWOOD (WWJ) – Now that it's the weekend, drop whatever you're doing and go see "Lee Daniels' The Butler." This is a movie that stirs the emotions and leaves an indelible impression.

With all of the publicity that's surrounded the film, you probably know by now that "Lee Daniels' The Butler" is inspired by a 2008 Washington Post article about real-life White House butler Eugene Allen, who served during seven presidential administrations between 1957 and 1986.

The film opens in 1926 with a young Cecil Gaines picking cotton with his family in Macon, Ga. Fearing for his life, when Cecil becomes a young man, he decides to leave the segregated south, and ultimately makes his way to Washington, DC, where he takes a position at a choice hotel and is discovered by a White House administrator. When Cecil joins the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue staff, that's when he becomes privy to the inner workings of politics at the highest level during a time when the Civil Rights struggle is unfolding. Cecil struggles with his loyalty and dedication to his position while he watches his eldest son fighting on the front line for Civil Rights.

"Directing this film is the most important thing I've ever done in my career in cinema," Director Lee Daniels said. "We should remember that people died for our country and that there are heroes who aren't taught about in school. Those people are the reason (President) Obama is in office."

And reason enough why you should make time in your schedule this weekend to go see "Lee Daniels' The Butler".

Forest Whittaker, as Cecil Gaines, and Oprah Winfrey as his wife, Gloria Gaines, lead a star-studded cast.

See you at the movies!

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