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Donald Trump On WWJ: From Marijuana To Torture, 7 Things To Know Before Casting Your Ballot

DETROIT (WWJ) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called into WWJ Newsradio 950 Tuesday morning as Michigan residents head to the polls to vote in the primary election.

Here's a roundup of things Trump wants you to know before casting your ballot:

Trump says he's NEVER smoked weed, but he does like it

"I never have smoked it. I think it certainly has to be a state -- I have not smoked it -- it's got to be a state decision," he said. "Colorado did it as you know and I guess it's very mixed right now, they haven't really made a final determination. There seems to be certain health problems with it and that would be certainly bothersome. I do like it, you know, from a medical standpoint -- it does do pretty good things. But from the other standpoint, I think that should be up to the states. Certainly, from a medical standpoint, a lot of people are liking it."

His favorite book is the Bible

"Actually, you know, an eye for an eye isn't so bad," Trump said of his favorite passage. "It's a little bit tough but it's not the worst I've ever heard. It's a little bit what we need when everybody is ripping us as a country, you understand."

He thinks Hillary Clinton is just terrible, but women in general are great

"She did a terrible job. You look at the Middle East, it's burning. And the Middle East is burning to a large thought because of her failed policies and her concepts. I mean, she's absolutely terrible," said Trump. "I haven't even started with her yet and yet I'm winning in many of the polls against her. We have to win and then after that I'll worry about Hillary, and I think she's going to be easy to beat."

"I respect a lot of people. I always thought Margaret Thatcher was terrific. Oprah is a great person, I've always liked Oprah so much. I mean, I really led the way, in a lot of ways, with female employees and people that work for me and people that work with me. They're great," he said. "Most of the recent polls where I've won, I've won with women. So, that's been working out very well. Yeah, I have great relationships to women."

He doesn't have any real failures and he just might be too nice -- at first

"I mean, I haven't had too many failures but I think in terms of personality, if I can bring it into that, I have to be -- you know, I'm very nice for very long when someone takes advantage but sometimes I get a little bit too rough when you finally say 'OK, enough is enough,' and I think I can modify both. Maybe not wait so long and maybe be a little bit kinder in the end," he said. "But our country needs protection. We have politicians that don't know what they're doing and we need protection, so maybe that attitude isn't so bad."

"Don't forget, I was competing against 17 people when we started and now it's down, we've got four people. I've been number one for almost the entire time and I was being shot at from 17 and 16 different angles. You have to be very tough and you have to be very tumble and it's been working. I mean, it's worked very well so I would be somebody that they would be able to respect very much. I think you'd be surprised."

He doesn't care that the GOP isn't his biggest fan

"I'm self-funding. I don't need people to give me money and therefore control me after I get in," he said. "When I want to move cars back to Detroit, I can do it. I'm not going to have somebody else saying 'Don't do it in Detroit, put them some place else,' and they don't like that. They hate it. They want you to owe them and it's just -- the only one that I'm going to owe is the people."

He would stick it to terrorist groups and change laws about how to fight them

"The terror laws, I mean when they fight terrorism and you take a look at it -- we have waterboarding as an example, and they say that's a minimal form. Now, nothing is pleasant but ISIS is chopping off heads and drowning people. They're not taking about waterboarding," he said. "When you're against an enemy and you have a set of rules that's very mild compared to what their rules are, you're at a huge disadvantage. So I would broaden it to allow not only waterboarding but maybe things that would be tougher than waterboarding."

He wants to put an end to free trade agreements

"They're terrible," he said. "They're negotiated by people who don't have a clue. They're negotiated by people that are just political hacks for the most part," he said. "What we've done with our country is terrible. We've given our jobs away, we've given our factories away. You take a look at Detroit, what's happened to Detroit -- there's a good example of it. I mean, you can blame lots of different things but if you don't have jobs, you don't have anything. The trade deals that have been made are, frankly, they're disgraceful. And the people that made them should be ashamed of themselves."


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