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Dominic Raiola Questions Manhood Of Anonymous GM (Video)

By: Jeff Riger

On Wednesday afternoon a throng of media showed up to Lions practice with one goal; to get a reaction from center Dom Raiola about a Pro Football Weekly article that came out on Tuesday. By now, I'm sure you know the story, however here is a refresher. An anonymous GM had talked to the publication earlier in the season and focused on ripping the Lions and calling the team over rated. After the initial article came out, Raiola called the unknown GM a "coward" and that seemed to be the end of it, until Tuesday. The anonymous GM found out that Raiola called him a "coward" and decided to use the publication as his podium once again trying to rip Raiola's play and attitude in every way possible.

That pretty much should catch you up to Wednesday afternoon when that throng of media gathered around Raiola's locker waiting for a response. After getting dressed, Raiola started in, knowing full well what reporters were interested in. "I'm not going to spend too much time on this because we have a big game this weekend" said the center. Raiola went on "whoever is talking (expletive) and then the person who wrote it at Pro Football Weekly are cowards, gutless, ball-less and anonymous. All I have to say is (expletive) you. That's it. Now we move on to Minnesota . Now if I spend any more time on it that's what he wants so (expletive) him and (expletive) both of them. That's all I got."

Of course Raiola had more as he went on to question the manhood of the mystery GM. "If you are his family how do you even call this guy the man of your house? Gutless, (expletive) you know what I'm saying" asked Raiola.

The one question the longtime Lion could not answer was who he thinks the Gm is? However he did give a little insight saying "it's kind of funny; when it happened last? We played Minnesota , right?" Well the Lions play the Vikings again this weekend.

Was Raiola accusing Vikings GM Rick Speilman as being the anonymous GM? You can decide that for yourself after watching the entire video of Dom's reaction below.

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