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Do Security Systems Affect Your Home's Value? Realtors Chime In

By Lori Melton

If you're trying to sell your home in today's fast-paced market, you'll want to do everything you can entice buyers. Realtors often suggest doing some home upgrades before listing it, as, most sellers will see a return on their investment in the final sale price. What about adding a home security system? Check out these realtor recommendations regarding security systems and learn more about the ways they increase your home's value.

Lower House Insurance Cost

Buyers should always consider the cost of homeowners' insurance when they are shopping for a new house. A security system has multiple benefits besides potential theft deterrence. A lot of smart home security systems also incorporate carbon monoxide and smoke detection, as well as flood damage protection. The insurance discount given will be most likely be based on the security system's features and varies per insurance company. Per Shamrock Financial realtors, some insurance premiums could be discounted up to 20 percent.

Security Systems Make a House Safer

When buyers attend an open house and see a security system, it can help them feel like they are buying a "safer home." An outdated system may not offer all the features buyers are looking for, though. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your equipment if necessary. Wireless, automated smart home systems are very popular, because you can sync them with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and monitor your house remotely, any time of day or night. Most alarm companies, such as Guardian Alarm, have custom configurations to fit a variety of budgets.

Making security enhancements to doors, windows, and sliders by adding deadbolts and extra locks to make entry points harder for a burglar to access is also a great way to beef up security for prospective buyers. Upgrading or increasing exterior lighting also increases home security. Per Real Estate Mentors, "Adding a home alarm system, installing monitoring cameras, or putting an external bright light can make tenants feel secure and drive thieves away. In the eyes of an appraiser, these items mean more value for your property."

Finally, if you or your realtor demonstrate all the safety features your home and security system includes, this can help reinforce the idea that their family will be safer if they buy your home. Overall, feeling safer in a home gives buyers peace of mind, and there isn't a way to adequately put a price tag on the huge intrinsic value associated with this.

Saves Buyers Cost and Time

Lots of buyers prefer hassle-free, turn-key homes with little work or repairs needed when they move in. Therefore, if you install a home security system as an upgrade/selling point, this is something a potential buyer can take off their moving expense list. And, they don't have to take time to place calls, get quotes, or possibly even do the grunt work involved with installing a security system after the sale.

Home Tech is Trending

Per Inman, the demand is growing for integrated smart technology homes. Millennials, particularly, trended toward seeking smaller, smart homes that conserve energy and offer high-tech options in 2016. With new equipment being unveiled each year at trade shows around the country, efficient, smarter, and safer homes are becoming more desirable to the flood of buyers in the current real estate market. An up-to-date or state-of-art home security system meets the needs and wants of these kinds of buyers.


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