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Disturbing Testimony On Day One Of Bianca Jones Murder Trial

DETROIT (WWJ) - It was day-one of testimony in the D'Andre Lane's preliminary exam in Detroit. Lane is charged in the disappearance and death of his 2-year-old daughter Biancha Jones.

First on the witness stand was the defendant's 8-year-old daughter Il'Andra. Under questioning by Assistant  Wayne County Prosecutor Qiana  Luller, the youngster testified how her father became angry when she wet the bed, punishing her with the urine-soaked underwear which tore the

Bianca Jones

underside of her tongue.

Il'Andra said Lane held the underwear to her face.

"And, when the panties went in your mouth, how did that feel?" asked Luller.

"Weird," the girl said.

After identifying a photo of what she referred to as "the stick,"IL'Andra testified that her father had used it on Bianca when she wouldn't answer his questions.  "She got whooped with it," IL'Andra said.

Also testifying on Tuesday was a British cadaver dog trainer who said one of his dogs hit on the scent of decomposition  in the closet of the children's room at Lanes' home.

Lane has maintained his innocence, saying Bianca was taken in a car-jacking in early December.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has said there was no car-jacking and that Lane's story was not consistent with the facts of the case.

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