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Detroit resident seeks help following battle with brown water

Detroit residents report brown tap water
Detroit residents report brown tap water 01:00

(CBS DETROIT) - Residents on the northwest side of Detroit, the Fitzgerald area, are facing a problem.

The problem? Discolored water. 

Residents along San Juan tell CBS News Detroit, that it's been an issue for a while. 

Alex Spradlin-Schultz says he and his wife experienced a brown water disaster Thursday. While his wife was in the tub bathing, brown water began coming from the faucet. The homeowners are concerned the water is bad. 

Spradlin-Schultz also works in the sewage industry in a neighboring city, which is why he tells CBS News Detroit something is wrong with the water line. 

Multiple residents told CBS News Detroit they have reached out to Detroit's Sewage and Water Department but the issue is never completely fixed. Some accuse the workers of a lack of experience. 

Spradlin-Schultz is hoping someone will step in and push for improvements.

"This is an issue. You want families to move back? My wife and I were the poster child families for the Fitzgerald revitalization project," Spradlin-Schultz said. "And two what seems to be happening it's been happening for more than these last few hours," he continued.

One unidentified neighbor told our team she rarely bathes her kids in the water and she usually resorts to bottled water.

Our team did notice DWSD workers on the scene monitoring hydrants. In response to Thursday's incident with Spradlin-Schultz, CBS News Detroit was sent the following statement: 

"There was sediment disruption in the water main serving San Juan near McNichols that caused the brown, rust-colored water at one confirmed house. We apologize for this issue and thank the resident for contacting us. A Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) team leader is flushing the water main tonight to discharge the sediment and improve the water quality. Residents on San Juan and McNichols can run their faucets for 2-5 minutes or until clear to remove the sediment. DWSD will recheck the faucets of the customer who reported the rusty water on Friday morning to make sure it's all clear."

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