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Detroit Paranormal Expeditions To Investigate Allegedly Haunted Atwater Brewery

(WWJ) - Detroit Paranormal Expeditions is set to investigate Atwater in the Park in Grosse Pointe Woods Friday night to see if they can find any signs of paranormal activity in the former church-turned brewery that employees believe is haunted.

The company's president, Todd Bonner, said the he and his team will go into the brewery at midnight after business closes with infrared cameras and a digital recorder to see if they can catch anything. He said on expeditions the team uses a digital recorder that can collect electronic voice phenomenons, or EVPs.

"Lots of times we'll get voices talking to us that we don't hear at the time, but will come back through the digital recorder," Bonner said.

Atwater has owned the brewery for about five years. The building was originally built as a church in the 1930s. Many employees have reported signs of paranormal activity, according to Bonner.

"We talked to some employees and they had said some of the kind of crazy experiences they've had like footsteps, doors closing, voices they've heard," Bonner said. "Some of the employees are actually afraid to go in the basement by themselves, so that even intrigues us a little more."

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions has found evidence of ghosts in local places like the Whitney and the Masonic Temple.

Atwater and Detroit Paranormal Expeditions will be teaming up this spring with a paranormal-themed beer brewed with sage. "Hello From The Other Side" will debut at a launch party held at Atwater in the Park on Friday, April 13.

"We came up with this concept of using sage, which we had no idea if they could use or not," Bonner said. "We talked to their brewmaster and he said that's definitely a beer they can make. So he came up with a recipe. In the paranormal world, we use that to cleanse and protect houses and buildings, or yourself, even, from spirits."

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