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Detroit increasing garbage pick-ups, and adding fees

City of Detroit adding fees with new increasing garbage pick-up plan
City of Detroit adding fees with new increasing garbage pick-up plan 01:56

(CBS DETROIT) - The city of Detroit is getting a new garbage collection plan. The new contracts will increase trash pick-ups but will also raise resident's annual fees.

Starting June 1, Detroit residents will have their trash picked up weekly. Collections will include recycling, bulk, and yard waste, as well as debris from vacant lots.  But with the increased pick-ups comes an increase in residents' bills.

Detroit City Councilmember Mary Waters said approving the trash collection changes wasn't an easy vote for them, but she hopes the change will help issues with illegal dumping.

City resident King Louie says that's been an issue in Detroit for years.

"Most people will come from suburbs, or other areas, will come from other areas, and 'Oh, here's a perfect place for me to throw the stuff away. Nobody's watching,'" Louie said.

The two new trash collection contracts are with Priority Waste and Waste Management of Michigan. The contracts total more than $210 million.

To help cover the costs, residents' yearly trash fees will increase by $30 in $10 increments. Residents currently pay $240 each year. That will increase to $250 this July, with $10 added on each summer until reaching $270 by July 2026.

Louie said that's no small change to people in the city who are already struggling to make ends meet.

"How can you say that $250 out of somebody getting $12,000 a year? Is that fair? Think about it. This person is barely eating and barely got a roof over their head. And you tell that person we're gonna take $250, $260, it's going to be $500 in a minute."

The new pick-up schedule is set to start on June 1st, and the contract will run through May 2029.

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