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Despite frigid temperatures, thousands lined up for Trump rally in Waterford Township

Supporters show up for Trump rally in Waterford Township
Supporters show up for Trump rally in Waterford Township 02:16

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - "We need Donald Trump to save our country," said Waterford resident Andrew Ross, who was one of the thousands in attendance for the "Get Out the Vote" rally at the Oakland County Airport in Waterford Township Saturday night.

"I'm a working-class guy. I'd like to see my dollar go farther like it did before when Trump was in office," said another supporter to CBS News Detroit.

As you may know, it was a bit chilly on Saturday in Metro Detroit. That didn't stop supporters from lining up in the late morning hours Saturday for the rally where Trump wasn't expected until 7 p.m.

Ross added that in a race among republicans that has seen many other high profile names drop out, we asked, why Trump over others, for Michigan.

"I don't believe someone like Nikki Haley or Vivek; those aren't candidates that the base really wants. The media can say whatever they want on who we think they support. The polls, the turnout, show that Donald Trump is the only one that can win this election and take our country back," says Ross.

Ross echoed what several other rally-goers told CBS News Detroit. They don't believe the other republican candidates had the strength or pull for voters to show up the way they would for Trump.

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