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COVID Cases Rise, Doctors Urge Families To Sacrifice Holiday Gatherings

(CBS DETROIT) - As COVID cases rise in the state of Michigan hospitals are making room for patients who may fall ill to the disease.

"Coming into the winter we knew that we are going to be indoors more than in the summer and the virus can surge, so it is definitely disheartening to see the hospital systems overwhelmed," said Dr. Teena Chopra, Wayne State University professor of Infectious Disease.

Health experts say Thanksgiving gatherings contributed to an uptick in COVID-19 cases and doctors fear that if the same behavior continue to Christmas and the new year then matters will only get worse.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't look very good given that millions of people travel during thanksgiving. We are yet to see the results of that travel in the next week or so and then we will be getting into the holidays and I think we will have another surge if we still continue to mingle and meet indoors," said Chopra.

Chopra says the virus is 10 times more powerful in closed settings making holidays gatherings potentially deadly.

"Indoor gatherings can cause a lot of downstream effects and if we want to be together next year and if we want to be here next year this is a good opportunity for us to understand that and also remember that we need to mask and socially distance," said Chopra.

The researcher and medical doctor says, children are playing a role in spreading the virus although often times they are asymptomatic and experience mild cases.

"Because some of the schools are still open and some children are still playing together, being together and they're acting as transmitters of the infection. Yes, we are seeing children get sick in more severe illnesses as well but not as many as adults," said Chopra.

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