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Controversial Flint 'Bath Time' Poster Removed From Government Website [PHOTO]

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) -- The water crisis in Flint has been an ongoing and painful saga for the city's residents. State and local authorities have come under criticism for the handling of the situation that has now become a national topic.

The latest controversy isn't about the amount of lead in Flint's water, but rather a poster that was featured on the State's website which stated that it is safe for children and adults to bathe in the contaminated water.

"Hey Flint! It's Safe To Wash," the poster proclaims, with the images of two happy babies below. Some have called the poster insensitive because of its light-hearted approach to a situation that has had a serious impact on many Flint families.

Flint water poster

After being brought to light by the Metro Times, the poster was later removed and replaced with a much more informative flyer.

The crisis first started when the city of Flint chose to change its water supply from Detroit water to water from the Flint River in 2014. Residents began to complain about the smell, color and taste of the water shortly after the switch. Heightened levels of lead were later found in the blood tests of children from three Flint schools.

The city switched back to Detroit water in October.

Flint mayor Karen Weaver met with Michigan governor Rick Snyder Thursday, two days after declaring an emergency for Flint and Genessee County. Both described the discussion as productive and said they agreed to establish a group of state and local agency officials that will consider future steps.

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