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Coney Dog Pizza, Chicken Shawarma Nachos Among Intriguing New Eats At Comerica Park

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit Tigers Opening Day is just over a week away, so what's on the menu this year at Comerica Park?

Gone are some of the items rolled out last year, including the mac and cheese hot dog, ham and eggs on a stick and the pork rind nachos — which didn't sell so well. The popular deep-fried Snickers bar, however, will stay.

chicken shawarma nachos
Chicken Shawarma Nachos (credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ)

Chef Mark Szubeczak says this season there's a trend to more healthy fare. Tigers fans can opt for the new Greek Salad or Chicken Shawarma Nachos.

The latter, Szubeczak said, is an original recipe featuring oven-toasted pita chips, humus, garlic sauce, chicken and tabbouleh on the side.

"It's completely ours," he told WWJ's Sandra McNeill. "I haven't seen one either, so we're excited for that one. We think that one's going to take off pretty well."

Game-goers won't want to miss out on what's expected to be the most popular new offering: the Coney Dog Little Caesars Pizza.

"It eats better than a coney dog and it's not as messy," Szubeczak said. "It's got the chili as a sauce, it's got cheese, it's got the Ballpark frank, a drizzle of mustard and onions on it — and you can taste for yourself it's delicious."

hawaiian dog
Hawaiian dog (credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ)
cuban sandwich
Cuban sandwich credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ)

Also available this year on the not-so-health side will be a Hawaiian dog, with bacon, sriracha ketchup, jalapenos and pineapple, and Cuban sandwiches with pork loin.

Mediterranean plate.
Mediterranean plate (credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ)

A Mediterranean humus plate will be available in the Tiger Club.


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