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Condom Challenge; Could Be Your Last Trick

DETROIT (WWJ) - The condom challenge. It's a new trend among teens and it's causing concern in the medical community.

It's as disturbing as it sounds - kids are snorting condoms, and pulling them out of their mouths. Videos of teens doing the condom challenge recently picked up with a YouTube post by one girl who completes the challenge.

Beaumont Emergency Room Doctor Ammar Ali told WWJ's Zahra Huber that fortunately he hasn't seen any patients as a result of this trend-- but he says the biggest concern in this case is choking.

"You are literally putting something down your nose, which connects to your mouth, which connects to your trachea," Dr. Ali said. "I mean, you are risking choking on it."

He said most pediatricians even recommend that small children don't even blow up small balloons because "if they pop they can sometimes go into the back of the throat and can cause a kid to choke."

"You are taking a whole entire condom, which is supposed to be very withstanding and putting it down your throat and hoping that essentially it doesn't get lodged," stressed Ali.

Ali says his message to teens just use your good old common sense.

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