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Chrysler unveils Halcyon EV concept car

CBS News Detroit gets a look at new Halcyon EV concept car
CBS News Detroit gets a look at new Halcyon EV concept car 02:18

(CBS DETROIT) - Stellantis recently unveiled one of the most talked about EV concept cars in the industry. 

Chrysler Brand's CEO, Chris Feuell, said the all-new Halcyon represents the future direction of the brand. 

"We've completely rethought the portfolio and given it a much more contemporary design direction that we think is really exciting," Feuell said. 

Feuell invited CBS Detroit to the company's headquarters in Auburn Hills to get a close-up look at the Halcyon. It did not disappoint. This concept car was stunning. 

"What we've done with Halcyon is we've incorporated both design elements as well as technologies that we can make today so there are elements of this vehicle that actually we could put into production today. Other things are a little bit more future-forward, and we take us some time to bring to market," Feuell said.   

The Halcyon design concept is born out of the company's Harmony in Motion Philosophy, which focuses on using sustainable materials and useful technology to help the owner be more productive. 

The ultra-sleek interior was made mostly with sustainable materials.

"All of the design elements being very modern and sleek and aerodynamic, with the use of sustainable materials, with the tune of 95% of the interior is sustainable," Feuell explained. 

Gino Vicci: "For those who don't know, what is the purpose of a concept car."

Chris Fuell: "I love that question. We rarely get that question. The purpose of a concept is to give the general public a peek at the direction we're going as a brand, so it represents an aspirational design theme and aspirational technology at the same time."

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