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Chelios: Who's More Fun to Party With, Eddie Vedder Or Kid Rock? [AUDIO]

By: Jeff Riger

Former Wings defenseman Chris Chelios is living the life. Not only is he possibly one of the greatest American Hockey player of all time but he also has some pretty famous friends too.

Last week when Pearl Jam was at Joe Louis Arena, Chelios took in the concert and actually supplied lead singer Eddie Vedder with the wine that the rock star consumed that night. Apparently that's Vedder's thing, he loves chugging wine during his shows and he thanked Chelios at the concert for his supply. The band also does a different art poster for every show and they honored Chelios for the one at the Joe. Bottom line, Vedder and Chelios are good friends which means the seats that Cheli had for the show were probably amazing.

Anyway, I saw Chelios at the Wings thriller on Thursday night against the Penguins and I thought what better way to fill an intermission than to get him to talk about Pearl Jam and some of his other famous friends.

Chelios broke down the show, talked about how he and Vedder and met and also gave his opinion on if Pearl Jam has reached the status of Bruce Springsteen or the Grateful Dead?

Of course, the former D-man is also friends with Kid Rock; so I had to ask him which rock star is more fun to party with. Listen to the interview to find out his answer. Chelios also talks about this season's team and if Sidney Crosby truly is public enemy number one in Detroit.

Make sure to check out Cheli's new book too. It's called Made in America: Chris Chelios.

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