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CBS 62 Eye On The Future: 'Giving Up The Wheel, A Look At Our Autonomous Future'

Detroit put the world on wheels over 100 years ago. With stiff competition from Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh, China and Japan, will the city and state also be the center of the new autonomous revolution?

And how will this seismic shift to self-driving vehicles impact you and your family?

CBS 62 is proud re-broadcast its Eye on the Future" special "Giving Up the Wheel, a Look at our Autonomous Future" this Sunday at 11:30 am.

The CBS 62 Emmy-winning "Eye on the Future" team of Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host, and Paul Pytlowany, Chief Videographer/Editor, travel the state and talk to leaders from automotive, academia, and politics about this critical topic impacting our state's largest industry.

Among those appearing in "Giving Up the Wheel, a Look at Our Autonomous Future":
Gov. Rick Snyder
Bill Ford
Mary Barra
Sam's Slaughter, owner, Sellers Auto Group
Joseph Richardson Jr., AAA Michigan President
John Maddox, CEO, American Center For Mobility
Steve Arwood, CEO, MEDC
Huei Peng, Director, University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center
Anya Babbitt, CEO, SPLT
Ted Serbinski , Managing Director, Techstars Mobility

Scott Heim, Project Manager, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, TARDEC, discusses autonomous miltary vehicles. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Kirk Steudle, Director, MDOT, talks how the state is getting its highways and interstates ready for the autonomous future. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
AAA Michigan President Joseph Richardson Jr. talks about their survey of people about self-driving vehicles. Insurance companies will be impacted by changes involving autonomous vehicles too. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Kevin Mills, Associate Director, Ground Vehicle Robotics at TARDEC, talks how autonomous technology changes are impacting military vehicles too. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Jay Ellis, Director of Business Development at PolySync, talks how they are helping companies with autonomous vehicles, including self-driving motor racing. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Carrie Morton, Deputy Director, Mobility Transformation Center at University of Michigan, dicusses the importance of getting kids trained for jobs in the autonomous arena. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Ted Serbinski , Managing Director of Techstars Mobility, is investing in the future of transportation and mobility firms from Detroit office. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Sam Slaughter, chair of the 2017 North American International Auto Show, discusses the new exhibit on autonomy and mobility changes called AutoMobility-D. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Anya Babbitt, CEO of SPLT, just moved to Detroit to grow her firm which provides ride sharing via an app her company developed. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Jessica Renick, Program Manager, Maven, started by GM, is a car sharing service. It is operating in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Detroit Metropolitan Airport and also in other states. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Frank Sgambati, director of marketing and product innovation for Chassis Systems Control at Bosch, talk about technology in cars that will pave the way for fully self-driving cars of the future. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Davie Garrett, a stylist at Fran Coy's Salon and Spa in Ann Arbor, joins many other young people who are opting to not buy a car and travel via Lyft and Uber. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Mike Ableson is the point person in charge of GM's autonomous efforts as well mobility changes including car and ride sharing. He talked about importance of Maven, LYFT and others. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Jim McBride, Ford's Technical Leader for Autonomous Vehicles, talks about changes ahead in technology and the path towards totally self-driving cars. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Huei Peng, director of the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center, discusses the impact of Mcity on autonomous vehicle testing. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)
Steve Arwood, CEO of MEDC, talked about Planet M and efforts to make Michigan a leader in mobility. (credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)

Watch "Giving Up the Wheel, a Look at our Autonomous Future" 11:30 Sunday only on CBS 62.

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