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Cat found with paw frozen to ground in Macomb County

(CBS DETROIT) - A cat was rescued after being found with three paws frozen to the ground in Macomb County. 

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner

Jenay, a soil erosion inspector at the Macomb County Public Works Office, was conducting routine site development inspections when she discovered a cat in an area where a new subdivision is being built.

According to a Facebook post from Candace Miller, the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, Jenay wasn't sure how the cat would react, so she put gloves on, placed a towel over the cat and quickly worked to pour water around its paws to melt the ice.

Jenay was able to free the cat after about five minutes. 

She wrapped the cat in two extra coats and placed her in a milk crate in the car, turning up the heat so the cat could warm up. 

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner  

"Jenay took her lunch break to buy cat food, which the calm cat – whose tail appeared frozen -- gobbled down while sitting in Jenay's lap," said Miller. "After completing her rounds with the cat appearing alert and calm, Jenay brought it to the Public Works building where a fellow employee checked it outdoors for fleas and mites, fortunately finding none."

After work, Jenay brought the cat home and took her to a veterinarian, who confirmed it was a female cat between one and two years old. The veterinarian said the cat seemed to be in shock but was in good health. 

The cat did not have a microchip.

Miller said Jenay is keeping the cat, which she has named Freezy.

"We're very proud of Jenay. There's little doubt whether the cat would have survived much longer on the coldest day of the season," Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller said. "It may have been feral, but we'd like to remind dog and cat owners to keep their pets inside during very cold weather."  

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