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Carnival for people with developmental disabilities returns to Metro Detroit

Sensory-friendly carnival returns to Farmington Hills
Sensory-friendly carnival returns to Farmington Hills 01:44

(CBS DETROIT) - Carnival's can often be packed, body-to-body, with a lot of noises in one area. It can cause a sensory overload for those with developmental disabilities or sensory sensitivities.

But on Sunday, a carnival in Farmington Hills aimed to change that narrative.

Steven Ludwig and his wife, Carrie Gill, alongside their caregiver Bernie Tague, were seen among hundreds, waiting for a trip around the Ferris wheel at the second annual carnival for individuals with developmental disabilities and sensory sensitivities.

"Rides and games," Gill told CBS News Detroit when asked why she and her husband came out with their caregiver.

"Sounds pretty good," added Ludwig.

As a caregiver, Tague said the spaced-out attractions and sensory-specific opportunities were perfect for those who may struggle in a traditional carnival environment.

"This is a perfect space because there is a lot of space," Tague said. "People can move around where they need to or if they need to sit quietly, that's great to have the variety of activities going on that people can engage in."

With all of the fun outside, another portion of the carnival was indoors, titled the "Sensory Space," which was further away from all of the noise outside.

"We definitely know that we're serving a need, and this is just a place to be part of the community, to be together, to have a great time, and to have it be comfortable while all that's happening," says Shaindle Braunstein, the CEO of JARC, the metro Detroit non-profit hosting the carnival.

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