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Calvin Johnson Does His Best Urkel Impression On 'Dancing With The Stars' [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

If you aren't familiar with the TGIF line-up from the 1990s know this: "Family Matters" was must-see TV.

I really was a fan of the dorky Steve Urkel character that was played by Jaleel White.  Steve Urkel always chased around Laura Winslow, but she couldn't stand him. I felt bad for the dude. I also thought the show really "jumped the shark" when Steve's alter ego Stefan Urquelle, a smooth operating dude, the exact opposite of Urkel, made a play on Laura and won her heart.

Anyway, Monday night, former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson decided to show off his fandom of the show and dance to the intro of the show dressed as Urkel.

I don't know anything about dancing, so it's really hard for me to decide if it's good or bad. I'm leaning towards the side of bad. Dressed in his best Urkel outfit, a yellow and blue striped shirt with the trademark suspenders and pants pulled up past his belly button, Calvin really didn't show off his moves with his partner Lindsay Arnold.

Jaleel White did pay Johnson a visit on the show.

Megatron really does look like he is having a genuinely great time. I was lucky enough to cover his entire career and I don't think I saw him smile that much his entire career.

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