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Caldwell's Daughter "Had Some Comments" For His Sideline Fashion Faux Pas

By: Will Burchfield

When television cameras showed Jim Caldwell on the Lions' sideline during Monday night's game versus the Packers at Lambeau Field, many fans were confused as to why he was wearing a black Nike sweatshirt with nothing on it but the NFL shield.

Count his daughter Natalie among them.

"My daughter actually mentioned it first. She told my wife, and soon as I got in the locker room I called my wife on the phone to check on her and she told me that Natalie had some comments about what I was wearing. I'm like, 'What are you talking about?'" Caldwell said on Wednesday with a smile.

Not one to stress over his appearance, Caldwell hadn't noticed the sweatshirt wasn't adorned with the Lions logo. All that mattered to him on a cold night in Green Bay was that it was warm.

"We have packed what we have packed and I wear what I think will keep me warm in that particular case. So, that's what we did. Nothing more to it than that. I hope I don't receive a fine from the media or the fashion critics," said Caldwell.

The Lions' head coach got a chuckle out of how many people took note of his sideline garb.

"I had no idea that there were certain fashion codes or something that we're supposed to live up to. I mean, I've heard a little bit about it but I think I was in compliance with the League and that whole bit," he said.

Caldwell typically wears all-black attire, so, in one sense, he was dressed per usual on Monday night. And he won't be changing anytime soon, not even for an all-blue color rush outfit as one reporter suggested to him on Wednesday.

Why not?

"Makes me look a little heavier," he smiled.

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