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Budweiser's 'America' Beer Mocked By Michigan Brewer With A New 'Murica Brew

By Christy Strawser
A west Michigan craft beer company is poking fun at Budweiser renaming its product "America" for the summer.

And really, who isn't making fun of the ham-fisted marketing attempt? ("I'll take an America for me, and another for my friend. This is America? Why does America taste like yellow water?")

Believe me, no one will say "why is America so smooth and sexy?"

Anyway, Saugatuck Brewing Company responded with its own attempt to "make America great again." Call it 'Murica.

It's a beer said to be brewed under the careful watch of 1776 bald eagles. The taste? That's freedom, my friends.

"Haha, who's the weiser one now, Bud?" one fan wrote on the company's Facebook page.

Others suggested they follow it up with an irony IPA.

But not everyone was laughing.

Pamela Young Brooks wrote that she wouldn't drink it "because of its name." "I have an awesome sense of humor. I just think Murica is completely stupid," she wrote.

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