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Bombing Of Dearborn Threatened After FOX News Report Claims Honor Killing, Stoning

By Christy Strawser

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) Responses including "bomb the whole town" poured into social media after FOX News aired a report about Dearborn that heavily referenced Sharia law and claimed the city has had recent stonings of women, and an honor killing over condoms.

The show aired as Anti-Islamic protesters are scheduled to protest 'evil radical Islam' in Dearborn this weekend. Protesters with firearms permits are being told to bring their weapons, and WWJ's Charlie Langton says community leaders are being told to prepare for the event to not be peaceful.

The video that aired this week on FOX News didn't mention the protest, but it claimed the "City Council is controlled by Muslims" and said the Police Chief Ron Haddad is also Muslim.

Haddad, who is a Christian, told WXYZ this about the report:

"[Dearborn] is like any other American city, it's progressive, it's clean, it's beautiful, it's a welcoming place, and it's safe place and that's something I take great pride in," Haddad said.

In the segment, Bollywood music plays in the background as various people say what part of the Middle East they're from. At one point, host Jesse Watters throws in a "gotta watch out for drone strikes," when a man says he's from Yemen.

Watters quizzes people on the street about Sharia law and gets one man who barely speaks English to agree it should be in the United States.

And the kicker: At one point, a man says "last year there was a woman stoned and not too long ago I read of an honor killing because a girl bought condoms."

Neither of those things was reported in Dearborn, or anywhere else in the area last year, but it's not questioned in the on-air report.

Watters ends by asking probing questions about whether Muslims are jealous they can't celebrate Christmas.

We sent Watters to check out the American city with the largest Middle Eastern population: Dearborn, Michigan --

Posted by Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The segment ends with host Bill O'Reilly saying Watters is on vacation, but "would like to tell you he's having fun."

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