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Best Burritos In Detroit

Eating great burritos is an experience that everyone, from food novices to top chefs, enjoys. Burritos offer a wide range of flavors, from sweet, crisp veggies to savory melted cheeses to piping hots meats, rice and beans. And when it comes to tasty burritos, Detroit is one of the best spots in the Midwest. Take a trip to Mexicantown and beyond, where you'll find the best-of-the-best burritos in the Motor City.

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El Zocalo
3400 Bagley St
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 841-3700

El Zocalo has been around for a while, nearly 30 years to be exact. And there's a reason for that: it's widely considered one of the best spots to get fresh Mexican fare in Detroit. The burritos, in particular, have quite a rabid following. The standard burrito option on the menu comes with three flour tortillas wrapped around piles of beans, meat or chicken and costs just $7.65. Or you can opt for one of the specialty burrito dishes like the Burritos a la Capitalina, served with melted cheese and a savory Mexican sauce; the Burritos Poblano, where Mexican-style beef is the star of the show; or the Wet Burrito, a huge mess of culinary goodness featuring your choice of protein plus gooey cheese, Spanish rice, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

Photo Credit: El Rancho

El Rancho
5900 W Vernor Highway
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 843-2151

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant prides itself on authenticity. Here you'll find cheap Mexican eats that emphasize fresh ingredients. And the burritos are the real deal. The dinner-sized portion burrito is big enough for two to share. You get three burritos with your choices of fillings for $7.99 for beans or beef or $8.59 for chicken. The wet burrito is a big hit, too. It's loaded with rice and beans and topped with cheese, gravy, sour cream and olives. Mmm...gravy. For a really great bargain, don't miss the daily carry-out specials, in which $7.29 gets you six beef burritos.

Photo Credit: Xochimilco Restaurant

Xochimilco Restaurant
3409 Bagley St
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 843-0179 ‎

If cheap burritos loaded with fresh, authentic Mexican ingredients suit your fancy, head on down to Mexicantown and check out Xochimilco, an authentic alternative to the standard Mexican chain restaurants. Choose from several meats like chicken, beef or carnitas, or a vegetarian burrito loaded with your choice of rice, beans, cheese, lettuce and fresh salsa. The salsa is what makes this burrito best-of worthy. Ask for an extra serving in your wrap to bite into a mouthful of fresh, zesty tastes. Xochimilco is open until 2 a.m. on weekends too, making this a great spot to get some late-night eats.

Photo Credit: El Guapo

El Guapo
Click here for locations.

El Guapo was Detroit's first official food truck business, and many would say its the best. It serves up burritos for both breakfast and lunch patrons. Breakfast burritos are packed full of eggs, salsa and your choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu and veggies. All lunch burritos are loaded with tangy slaw, beans, rice, salsa and cheese, plus your choice of slow roasted chicken, braised beef, chorizo or fresh grilled veggies. If the time of day complies, go with the lunch burrito because the slaw is a unique addition that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. El Guapo has locations in Greektown, Midtown, Eastern Market and the Stadium District, and on the campus of Wayne State. The trucks frequently stop in the suburbs too, so check out the website for the closest location to you.

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Photo Credit: Mexican Village Restaurant

Mexican Village Restaurant
2600 N Bagley St
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 237-0333

Mexican Village, located in historic Mexicantown, is the oldest Mexican restaurant in Detroit. It offers several choices when it comes to burritos. The Burritos Three comes with your choice of three beef and cheese, chicken and cheese or bean and cheese burritos. The El Tejano burritos include a large fried burrito filled with meat, beans, rice and cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sliced black olives. However, the Chunky Beef Burritos is the best option if you are a meat lover. Three tacos come packed full with tender, chunky beef and need few other ingredients, because the taste of the meat alone can satisfy as its own meal. However, load them up if you feel so inclined. Mexican Village doesn't use any preservatives in its food either, which is an added bonus.

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