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Ask An Expert: Spring Break Staycation Activities For Kids In Detroit

A Detroit mother says, "Ah, spring break … the air is getting warmer and the kids are ready to escape the confines of home and colder weather. But with time off (and sometimes funds) getting less and less, the staycation has become a go-to for many families opting to skip the more traditional escape to a Southern, sandy beach. But what do you DO on a staycation?"
Dani Schnakenberg
www.danischnakenberg.comDani Schnakenberg, while born and raised in Missouri, is now putting down roots with her family in the Metro Detroit area. In addition to freelance writing and graphic design, she is the Project Manager for the Midwest Influencers Conference and founder of Be Mint Media. Her work can be found at
Explore Your Local AreaWhether you're new to your area or have lived there all your life, it's time to explore the area within day-trip distance. Who knows what you'll find! National Parks, historical markers, local museums, zoos and aquariums, even bike and hiking trails can all make for a fun little trip. Be sure to check with your local library to see if you can get free passes to area attractions (like the Michigan Activity Pass).
Camp In Your Own BackyardYou don't have to go far to break cabin fever. Break out the tents and build a campfire (probably in a fire pit if you live inside city limits). Roll out your sleeping bags and roast up marshmallows for s'mores. The kids will love it, and your house might stay clean for that much longer. Added bonus? It's easy to unplug and make this a tech-free activity!
Play In The DirtClean out the garden beds or start a small greenhouse or some seedlings in a sunny window. We often underestimate the simple fun of a spade and some dirt. Local greenhouses and botanical gardens are often opening their doors and offering gardening classes for kids, too!

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Craft Party!Okay, so this one is fun for adults, too! Gather all your family friends and each family should bring the supplies for everyone to do a simple craft. By the time you work through all 4-6 families' craft projects, you'll have crafted away the day and everyone will have fun projects to show off!
Bucket Lists And RAKsAsk your kids what they would like to do during spring break. They will likely list simple, easy things that you wouldn't have thought of (like eat an ice cream cone at the park). For good measure, throw a few Random Acts of Kindness on your list, like delivering a snack to the fire station or helping an elderly neighbor with a bit of gardening or errands. You'd be surprised of what your kids will come up with in ways to bless the people around you!

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Liz Parker is a freelance writer and a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Her work can be found at and
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