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Ask An Expert: DIY Gift Ideas

The season of giving is upon us, and DIY gifts can be both easy and fun to make. Here are some tips from Tiffany Martel, a lifestyle blogger.

Tiffany Martel

Tiffany writes about her three passions: food, crafting and travel on During the holidays, she is busy making cookies and homemade gifts for her loved ones. Here are a few of her homemade gift tips.

Make It Simple

"I love giving Mason Jar cookies as a gift, but the key is to make it simple for the person to make them. The less ingredients the person needs to add, the better. Also, make them the night before, so they are fresh. Stick with non-perishables when possible."


Make Something Age Appropriate

"Make sure what you are doing is good for all age groups or the person receiving it. I made a Mani Pedi Gift Jar for my sister, but it would not the best for grandma."

Make Sure It Is Something That People Will Use

"My mom does not cook so a cookie jar is not appropriate, but she would love my Homemade Sugar Scrub."

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Kids' Gifts Are Great

"Last year, my son got an art jar filled with all sorts of craft supplies and it was one of his favorite gifts. It also kept him busy over the long holiday break. Another great one for kids is a Hot Chocolate Mix. I made a family four pack along with brownie mix. Toss in a family movie and make a cute gift basket for a whole family."

Would You Want It

"Making a homemade gift can be tricky and turn out tacky. So plan ahead by leaving more than enough time to finish it. Make sure the finished product is something that looks nice and something you would want."

Decorate The Jar Or Bag

"You are giving your gift in a jar or bag so make sure it shines and sparkles. Add festive decorative ribbon and a cute label. If you are going with bags, make sure they have some sort of design on them and tie them with cute ribbon. The first impression can make or break the gift."

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Liz Parker is a freelance writer and a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Her work can be found at and

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