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Ask A Detroit Stylist: Three Easy Braided Hairstyles

Looking for an easy braided hairstyle for a special event or maybe just for summer? Check out this list for some ideas.
Sandi Bambi
Grateful Dreads
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Sandy founded Grateful Dreads hair salon in Kerrytown, Ann Arbor in 2012. She specializes in dreadlocks, natural hair, cut, color and style of all hair textures, extensions, threading and fashion-related editorial work. You can find her in the salon six days a week.

Heart shaped braids on hair extensions

Heart-shaped Braids

Step one is to put your hair into two low ponytails with a hair tie. Next, braid one side and pinch the bottom between your first finger and your thumb. Pull on the rungs of the braids so they become loose and make a half-heart shape. Secure the bottom with a hair tie and repeat on the other side.

When doing one braid on each side, it's nice to do them mirror image as you braid, meaning if you go forward and over with your braid sections on one side, do that on the other. Your braids will look more symmetrical.Related: Best Hair Salons in Detroit


Fishtail Braid

Pull your hair back like you're going to put it in a ponytail. Do not secure it at this point. Next, divide your hair into two ponytails. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one side, cross it over the large section from which you pulled the piece of hair and bring it to the inside of the other large section of hair. Pull a small piece from the outside of the other side of the braid, cross it over the section and put it on the inside of the other section. Repeat all the way down the braid and secure with a hair tie.

variation on French braids

French Braids

Decide where you want your braid to start and pull three small sections of hair. Braid them once. For the next pass, grab some hair from the side that you're holding and add the new hair to the piece of the braid. Pass the braided section mixed with the new section of hair over the middle piece of hair. Do the same thing on the other side. Repeat all of the way to the end of the braid. Secure with a hair tie.

There are many variations of French braids including cornrows which are inverted, in comparison. You can do almost any shape or pattern with French braiding. They can also be pinned up and pulled loose like in the heart-shaped braids for a more romantic look.

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Liz Parker is a freelance writer and a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Her work can be found at and
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