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Ask A Detroit Expert: Keeping Your Kids Entertained On A Snow Day

Dani Schnakenberg (Courtesy of Dani Schnakenberg)

Dani Schnakenberg

Dani lives in Monroe, MI with her husband Josh and five children: Karsyn, 6; Brett, 4; twins Elias and Carter, 2; and new baby Alex, 3 months. She blogs at Simplify Health Living ( where she encourages and motivates moms and female entrepreneurs. In her spare time, she enjoys planning five-course meals she'll never have time to cook and drooling over designer fabric she'll never be brave enough to sew with. With much experience in this department, here are a couple of her ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained on snow days.

Do A Craft

"Simple things like salt doughsnow clay or cutting out paper snowflakes (check Pinterest for some amazing tutorials) won't require running out for supplies and can keep kids entertained for hours."

Build A Fort

"When my kids start getting antsy, offering to help them build a fort is always a quick remedy. Out comes the clothes pins, every blanket we own, and every chair, barstool or moveable table. And bonus points for making it where they can see the TV. Pop a bowl of popcorn and pop in a movie and they are snuggling and content for at least 90 minutes."

Bake Cookies

Sure, you'll probably end up with kids covered in flour and sticky chocolate-smeared faces, but you'll also get yummy cookies and happy kids. For preschool and elementary kids, it's also a great opportunity to talk about measuring, fractions and sequencing. Their favorite part of sequencing is 'last.' You know, because 'last, you eat the cookies.'"

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Play A Game

"Right now the favorite in our house is Princess Yahtzee or Ants in the Pants. But if the kids are in dire need of releasing some energy, Just Dance Kids or Sports Resort on Wii is just the right thing."

Have A Dance Party

"This is the Hail Mary of snow day activities. When the silliness and hyperactivity are just about to drive you for that glass of wine, turn on the tunes and let them wiggle themselves out! A little Tay Swift 'Shake It Off' or the 'Frozen' soundtrack will leave you all giggly, smiling and well worn out."

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Liz Parker is a freelance writer and a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Her work can be found at and

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