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Artwork Tells The Story Autistic Man Creates In List Form

DETROIT (WWJ) - It's an inward retreat that few could know ... an autistic man who doesn't say much is expressing himself in a big way through art.

Forty-two year old Gavin Christie lives in Birmingham and he makes lists - lots of lists of his travels.

WWJ's Laura Bonnell went to the Detroit studio where his artwork was on display:

Gavin's List (LBonnell)
Gavin's lists adorn the walls of Salt and Cedar letterpress studio. (WWJ/Laura Bonnell)

And those lists were featured at the Salt and Cedar letterpress studio on Riopelle at Detroit's Eastern Market.

Maddy Sanders of Birmingham stumbled into the gallery and while looking at the blown up prints of lists ... realized just whose work she was looking at:

"This is Gavin's? This is incredible," said Sanders. "I have a newfound respect for him - seeing the artwork that he can produce."

Gavin's sister Leona an artist and professor who lives in upstate New York says she helps people understand her brother and see his talent through his lists she printed and enlarged.

Gavin she says is an autistic savant.

"Gaven, his life is centered on repetition and routine and that gives him a lot of security - so part of his routine is he writes his projects and then he rides his bike to downtown Birmingham," said his sister Leona.

His sister, an artist, took the lists and made beautiful prints for Salt and Cedar letterpress gallery in Eastern Market to display.

When in downtown Birmingham Gavin stops at various stores to talk to business owners and customers, briefly show them his projects - some of the stores have even set up a desk and chair for him to work.

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